BRAZIL - Foz do Iguassu - September 17-21, 2018

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Foz do Iguassu

Foz do Iguassu represents one of the most beautiful destinations in the world, being Brazil’s second international destination because of its unique diversity. The city is considered one of the most multicultural of Brazil, sheltering more than 70 ethnicities. It shelters one of the “7 Wonders of Nature”, the Iguassu Falls, and also one of the “7 Wonders of the Modern World” - Itaipu, which is the biggest hydroelectric dam in the world considering energy production.
Here you will find a variety of services for your benefit, such as excellent restaurants, bars, shopping malls, entertainment, shows and casinos, adventure sports and wonderful tourist attractions!


Imagine one place! Border between three countries - Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina; more than 80 ethnic groups living in peace and harmony; excellent hotel facilities; great shopping center.
Now add to all this: one of the 7 Wonders of Nature - Iguassu Falls, and one of the 7 Wonders of the Modern World - Itaipu Binacional. So Iguassu, the World Destination, is waiting for you for an unforgettable visit!
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