BRAZIL - Foz do Iguassu - September 17-21, 2018

Technical Visit

Itaipu Dam

You are invited to join the DW2018 Technical Tour to Itaipu. This is a unique opportunity to see the details of instrumentation and access unique powerhouse and foundation spots not available on conventional visits.


Special Technical Visit to Itaipu dam - Free - Reservation required. Limited number of participants
17/September/2018 - 8h00
18/September/2018 - 8h00 and 14h00


>> Itaipu Technical Visit Registration - Non-registered in DW2018 cannot require Itaipu visit.

Only for those registered in DW2018, with registrations released after payment confirmation.


Technical  Visit  Yacyretá Hydroelectric Plant

Yacyretá Hydroelectric Plant/Iguazu Falls  - 412.4km

Day 1   21/9/2018 Friday
06h00 – Breakfast.
07h00 – Departure  (BR) to destination  Bella Vista  (PY), crossing Paraguay border  at Friendship Bridge.
12h00 – Lunch at Bella Vista (Restaurant Papillon Hotel) (±3 hours  travel after crossing Paraguay border).
13h00 – Transfer  Bella Vista –Jesuit  Ruins
13h30 – Visit  to  the  Jesuit Ruins (Santissima Trinidad & Jesús de Tavarangüe )
18h00 – Arrival  & overnight stay  at Encarnación.

Day 2  22/9/2018 Saturday
06h00 – Breakfast
07h00 – Transfer  Encarnación  to   Yacyretá  Hydroelectric Plant (Ayolas).
08h30 – Technical Visit to  Yacyretá  Hydroelectric Plant.
12h00 – Lunch at Ayolas.
14h00 – Visit to the  San Cosme ( Jesuit Ruins). Suggestion: At this place there is Aguapey earth embankment.
18h00 – Arrival & overnight stay at Encarnación.

Day 3 23/9/2018  sunday
06h00 – Breakfast
07h00 – Transfer Encarnación (PY)  to   Iguazu Falls (BR), crossing the border to Brazil  at Friendship Bridge.
12h00 – Arrival at  Iguazu Falls.



Registration and Payment
Yes - Iguassu Turismo e Locadora – Central de Reservas
55+45 3025.4848/99979.0260