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About the Workshop

The Canadian Dam Association (CDA) offers a one-day workshop to present the concepts and processes developed in the CDA’s Technical Bulletin on Dam Safety Reviews. The concept of periodic and systematic review is now widely accepted as an important part of dam safety programs in Canada and elsewhere in the world.

Participants will develop an understanding of the following:

1. Dam Safety Review process

2. Roles and expectations of the dam owner and review engineer

3. Role of a Dam Safety Review within a dam safety program


Fictional case studies are used to demonstrate how the process can be applied and adapted to different situations, for both water-retaining dams and mine tailings dams. Attendees work through exercises to better understand how to scope a Dam Safety Review, what information is required to assess the safety of a dam, how to approach the hazard-failure mode-control aspect of a safety analysis, and how to present the findings in a manner that supports decision-making by the dam owner.

The workshop is led by qualified CDA instructors. Printed course material is provided for attendees to use during the workshop and keep for future reference.

Tools and samples are included. Exercises are completed in small groups, allowing for significant discussion and peer learning among workshop participants.

The workshop is aimed at dam owners, consultants and regulators who want to gain a better understanding of good practice as described in the CDA’s Technical Bulletin: Dam Safety Reviews.


D. Chad LePoudre, P.Eng.
Chad LePoudre, P.Eng., has been the project manager or technical lead for large tailings management expansions, from permitting through design and construction. He has conducted many site investigations for geotechnical, hydrogeological, and geoenvironmental projects. The majority of the projects have related to environmentally sustainable development of waste storage facilities for mining (potash, coal, uranium, oil sands), tailings, municipal (landfills/lagoons), and other industrial applications (ash, industrial waste, petroleum waste, hazardous waste).
Mr. LePoudre is Vice-President of Geoscience & Materials Testing for SNC-Lavalin. His specialities include dam safety management; mine tailings engineering; geotechnical engineering; environmental assessment; numerical modelling of geotechnical problems; slope stability/seepage; installation and monitoring of advanced geotechnical instrumentation, including the application of real time monitoring systems; site characterization and stratigraphic interpretation; risk analysis with respect to slope stability and geotechnical engineering; geohazards; design and implementation of contaminant containment and remediation measures; geological and geotechnical mapping; logging and interpretation.
He is a frequent instructor in geoenvironmental issues in the mining sector and brings this strong background in analysis and assessment of geotechnical structures and mining dams to the subject of Dam Safety Reviews.
Mr. LePoudre is a former President of the Canadian Dam Association.


Clare Raska, P.Eng., FEIC
Clare Raska brings to the Dam Safety Review Workshop, the perspective of a dam owner responsible for a portfolio of high-hazard dams.
As a senior engineer with BC Hydro from 1998 to 2014, she played a central role in developing and documenting an innovative dam safety management system which has become recognized as leading practice. This included mapping of all processes, clarification of roles and responsibilities, and designing a database to track dam safety issues and follow them through prioritization and decision-making to resolution. She is very familiar with the issues that face a dam owner in preparing for, participating in, and following up the results of Dam Safety Reviews.
Since 1995, Ms. Raska has been at the forefront of Canadian Dam Association (CDA) initiatives to develop and promote good guidance for Canadian dam owners, engineering practitioners and regulators in the safe management of dams. This has included a critical role in development and quality assurance of CDA’s Dam Safety Guidelines, the Technical Bulletin: Dam Safety Reviews, and other publications. She has served on the CDA Board of Directors, including a term as President.
Ms. Raska is a Fellow of the Engineering Institute of Canada, and a Life Member of the Canadian Dam Association.


Dave MacMillan, P.Eng.

Dave MacMillan has over 30 years of design, project management and dam safety experience. As a Principal with KGS Group, his responsibilities include project management, planning studies, design supervision, design and regulatory approvals, for projects ranging in size up to $100 million and over.

Since 2011, Mr. MacMillan has been a member of the Canadian Dam Association (CDA) and the working group that created the Technical Bulletin: Dam Safety Reviews. From 2010 to 2015, he served on CDA’s Dam Safety Committee, which oversees all CDA dam safety guidance publications.

Professionally, Mr. MacMillan has been responsible for 13 projects involving dam safety reviews, potential failure modes, and/or risk analysis projects, mostly in western and central Canada. His extensive experience in Dam Safety Reviews and project leadership provide unique perspectives and allows him to bring practical examples and insights into the Dam Safety Review process.



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