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About the course Speakers

The course aims to present technological advances and experiences with exposure of real cases and solutions adopted, including the numerical modeling of the process of construction of concrete dams and spillways, materials and methods applied to the structural rehabilitation, as well as the discussion of the results obtained.

Eduardo M. R. Fairbairn
Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
Selmo C. Kuperman
Independent Consultant at Desek
Walton Pacelli de Andrade
Independent Consultant at Engeconsol
Francisco Rodrigues Andriolo
Independent Consultant at Andriolo Engenharia
Who should attend

Preliminary Programme

Civil Engineers and technicians involved on theme's works or want to get new knowledgement about materials and/or methods used in concrete dams and spillways rehabilitation. - Modeling of Thermal Properties in Dams Structures - Eduardo M. R. Fairbairn
- Significant Problems on Dams Concrete Structures - Selmo C. Kuperman
- Historic Cases on Spillways Rehabilitation - Walton Pacelli de Andrade
- Historic Cases on Concrete Dams Rehabilitation - Francisco Rodrigues Andriolo
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course 2: SMALL DAMS

About the course Speakers

The design of small dams has, as a noteworthy aspect, the possibility of occurrence of difficulties that can be, in their detection and solution, as complex as those of large dams. In contrast, the available resources for carrying out tests and studies are proportionally much lower than those used in large dams. Additionally, in general, the engineers involved in the small dam projects have less experience and sensitivity for the safety problems and their causes.

The program of this course was stablished to give to the participants, in the aforementioned context, the knowledge and understanding to take into consideration all the aspects of design, construction, maintenance and rehabilitation related to small embankment dams.

Laura Caldeira
National Laboratory for Civil Engineering (LNEC)

João Bilé Serra
National Laboratory for Civil Engineering (LNEC)

João Marcelino

National Laboratory for Civil Engineering (LNEC)

José Melo

National Laboratory for Civil Engineering (LNEC)

Teresa Viseu
National Laboratory for Civil Engineering (LNEC)
The instructors for this course are the Authors of the "Practical Guide for Small Dam" published by ANA-Agência Nacional de Águas (Volume VIII - Guia Prático de Pequenas Barragens)

Who should attend

Preliminary Programme

  • - Owners, designers, consultants, contractors and regulators dealing with small dams, involved in their site studies, materials characterization, design, construction, operation and rehabilitation.
  • - PhD/MSc students and graduated students with ongoing studies in topics related with small dams

- General aspects (types of dams, site selection, available materials and dam components)

- Hydrological studies and hydraulic structures (spillways, water intakes and outlet structures)

- Geological and geotechnical studies (foundation treatment and materials characterization)

- Design (freeboard, slope stability, filters, drains and geomembranes) 
- Construction (foundation preparation, compaction materials and equipment, compaction control, filters construction and geomembranes application)

- Operation (problems, detection, preventive and corrective maintenance)

- Rehabilitation and repair (dam body and hydraulic structures)

- Risk analysis

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About the course Speaker

The course aims to present a summary on the state of the art of Tailings Dams


Joaquim Pimenta de Ávila
Head of Pimenta de Ávila Engineering

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Who should attend

Preliminary Programme

  • Civil Engineers and technicians involved on dam engineering who want to get new knowledge on Tailings Dams

- Introduction and historical context
- Characteristics of the main types of tailings

- Main methods for tailings disposal
- Processing for the disposal of tailings

- Types of tailings dams
- Construction control of tailings dams

- Monitoring of tailings dams
- Safety management of tailings dams

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